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Tap 10 Trees Maple Tapping Kit

  • Tap Ten Trees with this great kit! Enough to make almost 3 gallons of syrup!
  • Tree Saver 5/16" spiles are better for the tree but allow the same sap output as larger spiles.
  • Three-foot tubing is FDA-approved, BPA-free, and perfect for individual taps or connecting to longer feeder droplines.
  • Tree Saver Spiles are designed to be safer for the tree but still allow the same sap output.
  • Dark blue tubing protects the sap from sunlight (so sap won't degrade as quickly) and the vibrant color stands out in the winter woods.
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Tap 10 Trees Maple Tapping Kit

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Have you always wondered how maple syrup is made? Join us this season and find out (check out the Tap in Two Minutes Video below)! If you can run a drill and boil water, you have the skills you need to get started. And with our expert help, you'll learn everything else you need to know and by the end of 2019 be able to call yourself a sugarmaker (and have stacks of syrup in your pantry). The season usually starts in February or March so don't wait! Get your kit, find your trees, and join us in this sweet, sweet hobby! 

  • Made in North America, FDA-approved, and BPA-free. Kit includes (10) 3-foot premium dark blue drop lines; (10) 5/16” maple tree tapping spiles; a one-quart maple syrup filter; instruction sheet; and exclusive recipe cards. We chose 5/16" Tree Saver Spiles because they're less damaging to the tree while allowing the same sap output. 

  • Dark blue tubing stands out in the white sugarbush and naturally inhibits bacterial growth by blocking the sun’s rays from entering the drop lines. Tubing is still clear enough to see sap flow and flexible enough to connect to longer droplines if necessary.

  • Heavy-duty, food-grade, and reusable, this equipment is specially designed for making maple syrup and the tubing and spiles come with a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Our filters are specifically made for making syrup. Food-grade and FDA approved, also in a convenient size for the home sugarmaker. They are also reusable when properly cared for. 

  • This kit is for anyone from beginner to advanced sugarmaker. We've included a quick-start instruction sheet to take along in the woods and some of our exclusive recipe cards.

The season is short -- sometimes only a few weeks -- so don't miss your chance to become a sugarmaker!

Product Videos

How to Tap a Maple Tree in Just Two Minutes! 02:12

Tapping maple trees is much easier than you think! In just two minutes you can start collecting sap and we'll show you how. Learn lots more here:

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    Tapping maple trees is much easier than you think! In just two...

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