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Deluxe Maple Tapping Starter Kit - Buckets & Spiles - Tap 3 Trees


If you’re ready to handle a bit more sap, this kit is for you!

Durable and easy-to-handle, this can hold up to nine gallons of sap at a time plus offers a few tools you’ll use every year! This kit includes:

  • Three heavy-duty food-grade blue plastic tapping buckets - each holds three gallons of sap
  • Three bucket lids, specially designed to attach to the tapping spile
  • Three plastic 5/16” tree saver spiles
  • One 5/16” wood-boring drill bit
  • Two cone-shaped prefilters
  • Fully-illustrated and professionally-written how-to book, Guide to Maple Tapping
  • Quick-Start instruction sheet
  • Recipe Cards

For step-by-step instructions on using this product, take a look at our blog: "How Does the Bucket and Spile Combo Work."


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