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Tapping maple trees and making maple syrup is not only fun for kids, it's filled with some fantastic science. We'll be posting easy, fun, at-home activities and experiments that your kids will love. Check back often and feel free to share your photos and stories with things you've tried!

Evaporation Experiment

Evaporation is how we remove the water from the sap to make syrup -- you can see the water turning into steam and rising out of these huge kettles of boiling sap.


You can try a smaller evaporation experiment at home but be sure to ask an adult for help.

Step One: Measure four cups of water into a small saucepan and heat on the stove.

Step Two: Carefully watch the pan and you’ll see bubbles forming on the bottom. Eventually these bubbles get bigger, start to move around, and rise to the surface.

Step Three: Once the water starts boiling, you’ll see steam rising up from the pan. This is the water turning into a vapor or evaporating.

Step Four: Let your water boil for about 15 minutes and turn off the heat.

Step Five: After the water is cooled down, pour it back into the measuring cup. Is there still four cups?

Result: The missing water turned into steam and escaped into the air. This is the same process used to remove water from sap – only the water evaporates and the sweet sugar is left.