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Jack Wax on Snow


Jack Wax or Maple-on-Snow 

This classic maple syrup candy has been made by every generation of sugarmaker and is a kid favorite! Use your own pure maple syrup or heat up a store bought bottle. 


Pure maple syrup

Clean snow or shaved ice


Fill a pan with clean snow or shaved ice and keep frozen. Note: syrup needs to be boiled to a higher temperature than regular syrup boiling. Use prebottled and reheated syrup or just continue to the desired temperature with initial boil. For taffy consistency, boil syrup to 230°F and for more brittle, glass-like candy, boil to 252°F. Consistency changes within this temperature range. Once syrup has reached preferred temperature, immediately pour in ribbons on the snow or ice. It will instantly harden and should be eaten right away.