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Sugarmaking Tools to Try

Posted by Julie Fryer on

Making maple syrup is a fairly basic process! Start with a tree, a drill, and some taps and tubes . . . add a bucket and a way to boil the sap with a couple filters . . . and you pretty much have everything you need to be a sugarmaker. Of course, having the right tools for each step makes life so much easier! We'll keep you supplied in tapping tools and filters but we'd love to share our favorites for the other things you'll need! If you read our articles, these are the exact tools we use because they work. 

Thermometer -- paddle style is easy to read, clip keeps it in place, and metal cage protects the glass. Order here

Sieve Stand -- these may be made for jam making but our one-quart filters fit these perfectly, giving you both hands for handling hot syrup. Order here

Quilted Jars  -- small, 8 ounce canning jars cut with a diamond pattern so your syrup will sparkle. Perfect for gifts! Order here.


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