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Making Maple Syrup in the City. We Love This Idea!

Posted by Julie Fryer on

Now here's some fun news from our friends in Canada. This innovative group is bringing sugarmaking to every urban backyard. Now in their second season, the Urban Sugaring Project offers homeowners the chance to rent a tapping bucket, bring their sap in, and go home with maple syrup. And, of course, have a delicious pancake breakfast. What a fun idea that brings a community together for a fun winter outing!

We know from experience that city syrup is just as sweet as country syrup. This tree which is at the bottom of my backsteps (right smack in the middle of town) put out tons of delicious syrup last year. You can't ask for any better access than that.

Could your community use its own Urban Sugaring project? Let us know if you'd like help setting one up and we'll connect you with the Extension service in your area. Might be a great idea for a service group project or a local community ed. class.

Want to learn more about the project in Guelph, Ontario? Click here for a link to the article. 

Want to learn more about making maple syrup at home? Click on over to our How-To Library here -- it has everything you need to know!