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Maple Tree Tapping Kit – Includes 5/16” Tree Saver Taps Spiles plus 3-Foot Drop Line Tubes (Pack of 10), and 80 Page Fully Illustrated Guide to Maple Tapping Book, 1 Quart Sap Filters


Our Most Popular Kit will get you Tapping!

Easy-to-use. Great for beginners!

Kit includes:

  • (10) 5/16” Maple tree taps (spiles); (10) 5/16”x 3-foot blue drop line tubes; 80 Page Fully Illustrated Guide to Maple Tapping Book; Quick-start, instruction sheet by Maple Tapper, the maple tree tapping experts
  • READY-TO-USE! Our heavy-duty food grade taps, 3-foot flexible tubing, 1 quart syrup filter, and Quick Start Instruction Sheet provide EVERYTHING you need to start maple tapping quick
  • 80 page Guide to Maple Tapping book walks you through the process from identifying the right trees, tapping, delicious recipes; advice from professional sugarmakers, and more!
  • Blue tubing is more bacteria resistant than traditional clear tubing; it draws less sunlight, yet still shows the flow of maple sap. 5/16” tap causes 30-35% less damage to the tree compared to traditional 7/16” spiles
  • 1 Quart Maple Sap Filter
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON ALL TAPS AND TUBES. The perfect maple tapping starter kit for beginning or experienced maple tappers; both kids and adults

Check out our blog: "Tap Ten Trees the Easy Way with the Taps & Tubes Kit" for step-by-step instructions. Click below for a short video showing how to use this product.