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How to Use the Sap Sack.

Posted by Julie Fryer on

When I first went into the woods with the sap sack kit, I was a bit skeptical. I was wondering how this large plastic bag would possibly hold a few gallons of sap. After the first day, though, I’m a believer! Not only is the sack super-durable but the design of the holder makes it super easy to assemble and take on and off the spile.

Each kit comes with two handles/holders; two removable rings; and six plastic bags. In just a few steps, you’ll have yours assembled and ready to go. I’d recommend putting these together in the comfort of your own home – preferably in front of a warm fire with a hot beverage at your side. Not that it’s complicated but it’s much easier to work indoors with warm hands! So here’s what you do:

Step One: Put the blue sack inside of the oval ring and lap it over the edges about 3-inches. Tuck a bit underneath the ring so it’s wrapped all the way around.



Step Two: Slide this ring into the channel on the bottom of the holder – the bottom edge of the ring will trap the bag against the channel for extra support (you’ll see what I mean when you have it in your hands.)


Step Three: After drilling your taphole, insert the metal spile so the “fin” is facing up. Again, easy to figure out once you have it in hand. Gently tap the spile in until it’s snug.


Step Four: One side of the holder has a hole in it – hang this on the fin of the spile so the spout is positioned over the sack’s opening. Make sure your sap sack is snugged down against the holder.



And that’s it! Sap should already be flowing and you just need to come back once a day to empty the sacks into your transfer buckets. One important tip here: do not remove the sack from the holder to empty it! Instead lift the whole holder off the hook, pour the sap into your transfer buckets, and replace the holder on the spile.


Once you’re done tapping for the season, wash all your equipment with warm water and air dry. Don’t use dish soap or other detergents because they can leave behind residue which could spoil your syrup’s flavor.

I’ve also written a full-length how-to book that walks you through the entire process of tapping, collecting, boiling and more. You can order a printed version or downloadable ebook through this website. The book is also being included with the full tapping kits.