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Maple Syrup Tree Tapping Kit - 10 Taps + (10) 3-Foot Drop Line Tubes + (2) 1-Quart Maple Sap Filters - Includes Instructions

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  • 10 - 36" Tubes, 10 - 5/16" Spiles, 1 qt maple sap filter, quick-start instruction sheet
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Maple Syrup Tree Tapping Kit - 10 Taps + (10) 3-Foot Drop Line Tubes + (2) 1-Quart Maple Sap Filters - Includes Instructions

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Product Description

Need some extra Dropline Tubing and Spiles?

This simple kit includes:

  • Kit includes: (10) 5/16” Maple tree taps (spiles); (10) 5/16”x 3-foot blue drop line tubes; 1 Quart Maple Sap Filter; Quick-start instruction sheet by Maple Tapper, the maple tree tapping experts

  • READY-TO-USE! Our heavy-duty food grade taps, 3-foot flexible heavy-duty tubing, and Quick Start Instruction Sheet provide EVERYTHING you need to start maple tapping quickly

  • Our specially made darker blue tubing is more bacteria resistant than traditional clear tubing because it draws less sunlight, yet still shows the flow of maple sap.  Color is also highly visible in the woods, making it easy to spot when emptying buckets

  •  The 5/16” tap (tree-saver spile) has been shown to cause 30-35% less damage to the tree compared to traditional 7/16” spiles

  •  LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON ALL TAPS AND TUBES. The perfect maple tapping starter kit for beginning or experienced maple tappers; both kids and adults

 If you need more than 10, just order multiple sets.

Want a quick primer on using droplines? Click over to our article "How to Use Droplines" for more information . . .

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  1. Great product - fast shipping

    Posted by A. S. on 12th Feb 2017

    Will be ordering more in the future. Be mindful which kit you are ordering because I thought I had ordered the book with it, but I did not - that is another kit. So pay attention to see what is included. The taps are easy to use and install. Nice and clean.

  2. Taps and Tubes

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2016

    Last year was the first time we collected sap to produce maple syrup. We used 20 of these taps and tubes with a 3.5 gallon bucket sitting on the ground. We had no problems installing and then removing the taps from the trees, and the 3' tubing reached the buckets nicely. We are expanding our operation this year, and purchased another 30 of these taps and tubes. They work great!